The KERA Association kindly invites you to:

"product"– Festival of Contemporary Art Varna, Bulgaria

The "product" will take place from June 5th to June 15th 2008 in Varna, Bulgaria.

The theme of this year’s Festival is "Hope".

The festival functions as transmitter and forum between artists and audience, art and institutions creating an atmosphere of confidence. It is designed as a cultural portal where the ideas of authors are to be developed, shared, discussed, and nurtured in workshops, lectures, discussions and performances.

The festival is organised by KERA, a group of artists and cultural operators based in Varna – a major seaport on the Bulgarian Black Sea.

In 2008, hope will be the leitmotif of the festival. We are looking forward to an exciting programme with contributions from different fields of contemporary art as well as to a series of lectures and an extensive film programme.

There will be chance to meet some of the 28 artists and 55 filmmakers from 28 countries (Colombia, United Kingdom, Argentina, Germany, Bosnia, France, Peru, Spain, USA, Bulgaria, Austria, Ireland, Canada, Italia, Switzerland, Mexico, Chile, Japan, Netherland, Turkey, Belgium, Iran, Norway, Korea, China, Finland, Slovenia) and to find out about their artistic positions.

Curators team exhibition: Emil Mirazchiev (Bulgaria), Nevan Lahart (Ireland), Rustha Luna Pozzi-Escot (France), Peter Anders (Germany), Michele Fiori (Italia) and Luis Gonzales Toussaint (Mexico)

Curator "Some are watching" film program: Martin A. Dege (Germany).

We are glad to invite you to this hopeful anniversary of the "product" festival of contemporary art in Bulgaria.

KERA AssociationThe Festival Team